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Friday, Nov. 29, 2013

Lázaro Cárdenas celebrates 40 years as federal high school in Tijuana; it is to have 2 satellite campuses next year

      jesus ruiz  barrazaThe Lázaro Cárdenas high school celebrated its 40th year as a federal school with a conference on Thursday. Former principal Jesús Ruiz Barraza, now the rector of the private Universidad de Tijuana (CUT), showed a video about the school, inaugurated by President Luis Echeverría on Dec. 2, 1973.

      It also was recently announced that the school will have two satellite campuses next school year. One will be in Valle Sur in Playas de Tijuana and the other in Lomas de Virreyes. Principal Martín Moreno Félix said the school admitted 1,630 students this year out of 2,700 who applied. El Mexicano said that over time, the campuses are expected to become independent institutions that are part of the bachillerato system.

      Tijuana has had a shortage of high school space; outgoing Mayor Carlos Bustamante said at his third and final state-of-the-city address on Tuesday that he had met his 2010 campaign promise to establish three new high schools in the city during his term.

      On Nov. 18, a traditional-dance troupe from the Preparatoria Federal Lázaro Cárdenas performed at the Hotel del Coronado as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Institute of the Americas, which also included a speech by former Presidente Felipe Calderón.

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