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Friday, March 23, 2012

Vázquez Mota will not kick off campaign in Ensenada on March 30

La says PRI apparently reserved Plaza Cívica de la Patria for that date

Frontera reports that Ensenada campaign stop is moving to April 3

josefina vazquez motaEl Mexicano's political page on Friday said it now appears that National Action Party presidential candidate Josefina Vázquez Mota now will not kick off her political campaign in Ensenada at midnight March 30. It did not cite sources. Item, El Mexicano political page (PDF).
Media in Ensenada also reported that Mayor Enrique Pelayo of the Institutional Revolutionary Party said the PRI would hold a competing event to distract attention from the PAN rally. El Vigia editorial criticizing Pelayo.
La said the PAN did not reserve the Plaza Cívica de la Patria for the event, and that the PRI apparently has. Story, La Last item, El Mexicano political page (PDF).
Frontera later reported that Vázquez Mota's appearance in Ensenada has been moved to April 3. Story, Frontera.

Update, March 24: Frontera's political page item on the matter (PDF). Frontera's story (PDF): It says campaign kickoff may now take place in Mexico City or Veracruz. El Mexicano story (PDF).
Last week's story on former Gov. Ernesto Ruffo discussing the campaign kickoff.