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Update, Feb. 21: New Alliance Party decides against nominating Jorge Kahwagi, runs Amado Ovidio Gil Villarello and Serafín González Juárez. Story, Frontera (PDF).


Friday, Jan. 20, 2012

Jorge Kahwagi registers to run for Senate nomination
for New Alliance Party in Baja California

Mexico City congressman's move puzzles many

Update, Feb. 21: Party decides not to nominate Kahwagi

Jorge KahwagiFederal Deputy Jorge Kahwagi, a former professional boxer and a former Green Party politician whose father has strong connections with Mexico's elite, has registered to run for the Senate nomination for the New Alliance Party in Baja California. He only recently established residency in Mexicali, one PANAL official said. Another, however, said he had a home in Rosarito.
Kahwagi is no stranger to Baja California: in 2003 he knocked out Buck Smith in the first round in Tijuana. Observers say many of his victories were by early knockouts and raised eyebrows. Story, ESPNdeportes.
In the fall, Kahwagi, known for his absenteeism in representing Mexico City for the New Alliance Party in Congress, showed up to vote against allowing re-election of Mexican politicians in a possibly inebriated state. Story. The New Alliance Party was founded by teachers union leader Elba Esther Gordillo, who has gained a greater familiarity of Baja California education matters because she owns a home near Coronado.

Gordillo's party and the Green Party formed an alliance with the Institutional Revolutionary Party for the July 1 congressional and presidential elections and made deals to run New Alliance Party and Green Party candidates in several states (as part of a coalition with the PRI) that dismayed PRI legislative hopefuls in those entities.
Update, Jan. 21: The PRI ends Alliance with New Alliance Party, says it will run its own candidates. Update, Feb. 21: Party decides not to nominate Kahwagi.

Update, March 17: Frontera says New Alliance made a good decision not to run Kahwagi.

Kahwagi and two other PANAL candidates in Baja California would face former Gov. Ernesto Ruffo and former Mexicali Mayor Víctor Hermosillo of the National Action Party and the candidates put forth by the Institutional Revolutionary Party.
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