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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hank Rhon godson released from prison on amparo

He had been accused of storing drugs at Hank's Caliente racetrack compound by a witness who also had claimed that Hank had killed a son's ex-girlfriend; godson is son of man who killed Zeta journalist in 1988

       El Mexicano reported as its top front-page story on Tuesday that Jerónimo Vera Ayala, the godson of former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon, was released from prison Friday after getting an amparo, a kind of injunction. The paper said Vera Ayala had been accused of storing drugs at Hank's Caliente racetrack compound.

       Vera Ayala is the son of Antonio Vera Palestina, convicted in the 1988 slaying of Zeta journalist Héctor "El Gato" Félix Miranda. Vera Ayala also has a twin brother, Jorge, who was Hank's security chief but also has been in numerous brushes with the law.

      The paper said Jerónimo Vera Ayala was arrested in Guadalajara in February 2012 on the basis of testimony from a former Hank security team member. The twin brother also was accused of being involved in drug trafficking, the paper said. Jorge Vera Ayala's whereabouts have been unknown since June 2012, when Hank was arrested for illegal arms possession, El Mexicano said.

      The paper said the witness is the same person who accused Hank of involvement in the murder of the former girlfriend of one of Hank's son's. That case went nowhere. The arms possession case was dropped because it was ruled that the weapons had been seized in an illegal search.

      Story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump.
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