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L.A. Times editorializes against bill that would allow non-citizens to serve on juries; Jay Leno mischaracterizes legislation, but to good laughs

     The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday editorialized against allowing non-citizens to serve on California juries. The state Assembly last week approved 45-25 a bill by Fremont Democratic Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski to allow non-citizens who are in the United States legally to serve on jury duty.

     The paper said some media got the story wrong, saying it would allow illegal immigrants to serve on juries, citing a headline from that said jay leno "California bill would let illegal immigrants serve on juries." Comedian Jay Leno added fuel to the fire by joking: "Plans are being discussed in California to let illegal immigrants serve on juries. Talk about jobs that Americans don't want to do! 'Right, fine, yeah, yeah, good, it's all yours! Thank you!' " The joke got good laughs.

L.A. Times editorial: "The power of jury duty: It's not drudgery; it's our check on the judicial branch. Only citizens should be allowed to serve."

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