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Friday, March 9, 2012

Jaime Martínez Veloz continues campaign against Elorduy, Sempra

The battle for public opinion involving Sempra in Baja California continues, as Jaime Martínez Veloz had an article published in La Jornada saying former Gov. Eugenio Elorduy blocked Marathon Oil's entry into Tijuana by expropriating land known as "El Monumento" that the company would have used in Playas de Tijuana for a natural gas plant. Martínez cites irregularities in the expropriation, just as he has cited irregularities in Sempra's purchase of land for its own LNG plant in Ensenada. Many residents of Playas de Tijuana were opposed to the plant. Martínez Veloz, 57, long has been a thorn in the side of Sempra.
Martínez Veloz's article, in La Jornada.
The article was also published in Tijuana Noticias.
He long was a Institutional Revolutionary Party activist in Tijuana before switching to the Democratic Revolution Party. A former PRI federal deputy, he is Chiapas's representative to COCOPA, the Mexican Congress' Commission for Harmony and Pacification formed after the 1994 Zapatista uprising. He unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Tijuana, once for the PRI, once for the PRD, but no longer has his main residence in Tijuana. Trained as an architect at the University of Coahuila, he recently wrote a book about a student movement he led there.