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Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012

Jackie Nava wins world Supergallo (super bantamweight) crown in Tijuana

Aztec princess demolishes Panamanian Shantall Martínez

Jackie Nava knocked down Shantall MartinezTijuana boxer Jackie Nava demolished Panamanian women's world supergallo champion Shantall Martínez on Saturday night in a unanimous decision.

Nava came out fists flying and knocked Martínez down in the fifth round (right photo) in the match before an overflow and overjoyed crowd at Tijuana's Municipal Auditorium. Martínez never seemed to fully recover from the blow, although she did finally show some life in the ninth round. By then it was too late in the 10-round fight.

jackie nava ticketjackie nava celebrates win Nava celebrates her win, and elevation to world supergallo champion.

Judges scored her victory at 99-90, 100-89 y 100-89.

Nava is now 26-4-3 while Martínez is 15-5.

Perhaps a third or more of the audience was women, although their numbers formed a smaller percentage in the ringside seats.

Story, El Mexicano (PDF), with great photo by Teodoro Guerrero, on sports section front. Second page (PDF).
Nava's victory did not make it into Frontera's print edition, perhaps because Nava was wearing boxing shorts with El Mexicano's logo emblazoned on them? Frontera did have a photo of her practicing for the fight. Picture page, Frontera (PDF).
Story, Esto. story.

Update, Feb. 2: Former boxing champion Juan Manuel Márquez, visiting Tijuana, congratulates Nava on her victory. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).

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