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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Public relations director who has worked closely with Jorge Hank Rhon reported to have been called to Mexico City to work with Peña Nieto's transition team

Winning presidential candidate said to have been impressed with Miguel Angel Badiola's organization of Tijuana campaign event for Baja California women at old jai-alai fronton

     A public relations expert who has worked for gambling magnate Jorge Hank Rhon has been called to Mexico City to work with the transition team of Enrique Peña Nieto, who won the July 1 presidential election for the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Frontera columnist José Aguirre Lomelí reported (PDF). Miguel Angel Badiola Montaño was Baja California public relations coordinator for special guests for Peña Nieto during the campaign.

     He was public relations director for the city when Hank Rhon was mayor from 2004-2007 and public relations director for Hank's Caliente Group afterward. Jaime Flores Martínez's June 6 Cicuta (Hemlock) column said that Peña Nieto was so impressed with Badiola's organization of his meeting with Baja California women in the old jai-alai fronton in Tijuana on July 3 that he personally asked who was responsible.

     Other background: In 2005, while working for the city, Badiola's official vehicle was hit by gunfire near the racetrack complex Hank operates in what may have been a traffic dispute. No one was hurt. Story, El Mexicano. Badiola also is the son of a former top jai-alai player originally from Spain. Badiola said he was flattered when his name was bandied about earlier this year as a possible PRI candidate for Tijuana's District 6; Chris López later became the PRI's candidate and won the July 1 general election.