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Governor hands out 20 achievement awards during ceremony marking Baja California's 61st anniversary

Boxer Jackie Nava, writer Gabriel Trujillo among those winning awards

Gov. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán handed out 20 achievement awards on Wednesday in Mexicali as part of a ceremony marking the 61st anniversary of Baja California as a state.

     Those receiving the awards were:

• Reginaldo Martín Esquer Félix, for his educational and business leadership
• Gabriel Trujillo, for his writing
• Luz Elena Picos, for her altruistic journalism
• Juan Manuel Roberto Castro Torres, for his founding of the Fundación Castro Limón, which helps child cancer victims
• Javier Plascencia, noted chef and restaurateur
• Luis Antonio "El Abuelo" Álvarez Murillo, championship archer
• Ana Lilia Durán Ayón, championship weight lifter
• Andrea Gómez Gómez, gymnastics judge
• Jacqueline Nava Mouett, championship boxer
• Gustavo Vildósola Ramos, Baja 1,000 champion and businessman
• The Reik musical group (singer Jesús Alberto Navarro
Rosas, guitarrist Julio Ramírez Eguía and electric guitarrist Gilberto "Bibi" Marín
• Federico Weber Ponce de León, former director of Televisa Mexicali
• Pablo Brizuela Amador, director of first FM state in Mexicali, "Stereorey" and director of Mvs and Micanal 44; • Héctor Terán Terán, former governor who died in office in 1998
• Hugo D'costa, wine expert and founder of Monte Xanic
• Maricarmen Flores, longtime Televisa reporter
• Héctor Sada Quiroga, created Baja California cotton mill in Mexicali Valley and philanthropist
• Mario Terán del Río, businessman
• Rodolfo Fierro Márquez, agriculturist in Mexicali Valley
• Carolina Aubanel Riedel, Tijuana TV executive

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