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Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013

Baja California governor's kicking a soccer ball into photographer's head makes appearance on Televisa's roundup of humorous news "Las Mangas del Chaleco"

Mexico gets relatively easy group to play in at World Cup tourney, while U.S. is in tough "Group of Death"

      Baja California Gov. Francisco Vega, at an event Televisa said had him preparing for Mexico's appearance in the Word Cup soccer tournament in Brazil next year, kicked himself into an appearance on the humorous "Las Mangas del Chaleco" segment of Televisa's main national news program Friday night. Vega's kick of a soccer ball at an event hooked wide left, hitting a photographer in the head.

     "Las Mangas del Chaleco," or "Sleeves of the Vest," takes news events and matches them with classic movie or TV clips. After showing Vega's errant kick Friday night, it then switched to a clip of an actor who apparently had been hit in the head and then exclaimed, "¡Que madrazo!" The Urban Dictionary defines madrazo as a slang term "for any form of hit, crash, fall, or otherwise painful event where one object collides with another."

      Also Friday, No. 20-ranked Mexico was drawn into one of the better four-team groupings for advancing to the second round at the World Cup. Two teams from each of the eight groupings advance to the round of 16. While Mexico's group has No. 10-ranked Brazil, it also has No. 16 Croatia and No. 51 Cameroon. The United States (14th-ranked in the world) must play in what has been termed a "Group of Death": It faces No. 2 Germany, No. 5 Portugal and No. 24 Ghana, the team that eliminated the U.S. in the last two cups.

Mexico's games (Group A):
June 13: Cameroon in Natal.
June 17: Brazil in Fortaleza.
June 23: Croatia in Recife.

U.S.'s games (Group G):
June 16: Ghana in Natal.
June 22: Portugal in Manaus.
June 26: Germany in Recife.