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Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013

Gen. Augusto Moisés García Ochoa, who had concerns raised about him by the U.S., becomes new military chief for Baja California; Gen. Gilberto Hernández Andreu lasted less than a year

      Gen. Augusto Moisés García Ochoa, 62, took over on Tuesday as military chief for the Baja California region, El Mexicano reported on its front page. He succeeds Gen. Gilberto Hernández Andreu, named by President Enrique Peña Nieto in January.

      The New York Times had previously reported that García Ochoa may have been taken out of the running for being the nation's top defense chief last year after concerns about him were raised by U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne. The military later found García Ochoa blameless and named him as military chief for the conflictive Torreón region.

      The Second Military Region García Ochoa is taking over is composed of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora states.       

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Update, Dec. 4: El Mexicano editorial (PDF) saying that García Ochoa has a big job ahead fighting crime. Front-page story (PDF) on him taking over command. Jump.

Update, Feb. 20: Memorial ads lament death of García Ochoa's son. Memorial ads known as esquelas published in El Mexicano newspaper in Tijuana lamented the death of García Ochoa's son, César Augusto García Rodríguez. El Universal reported that García Rodríguez apparently died in a traffic accident Feb. 15 while traveling on the Mexico City-Puebla road.