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Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014

Columnist says 'I told you so' about toll road reopening being delayed

Update, Sept. 25: Alternate route being planned; 10mm fissure said to be cause of delay

       Columnist Rogelio Aros Guzmán wrote in El Mexicano that it came as no surprise to him that the Tijuana-Ensenada toll road did not reopen as scheduled last week. He wrote that the road never should have been built where it is, and should not have been rebuilt where it is, because of the unstable earth and fault lines along the coast. He blamed the debacle on the federal government, which he said comes into Baja California and treats locals like they are lackey subjects. (He also faulted the federal government for increasing the value-added tax in the state this year from 11% to 16%, a move officials say has caused major damage to the local economy.)
       A section of the toll road collapsed in December, and motorists have been using the free road between Rosarito Beach and Ensenada since.
       The author noted that he had written on Jan. 16 that the decision to rebuild the toll road where it was was a bad decision.

Update, Sept. 25:
Business group leader says alternate route needed: Coparmex President Gustavo Fernández de León said the solution is to build an alternate route to Ensenada, and said he understood plans for one are in the works. He said it appeared that the toll road between Rosarito and Ensenada might not reopen until April. Story, El Mexicano.
Alternate route planned from Bajamar to free road: Federal transportation official Alfonso Padrés Pesqueira said authorities are planning an alternate route from Bajamar to the free road to Ensenada. A first phase costing 800 million pesos ($59.7 million) would go from Bajamar to the free road between Rosarito and Ensenada; a second 1.2 billion peso phase ($89.6 million) would connect between the free road and the Ensenada highway at Santa Anita. Story, El Mexicano. Jump.
Federal roads official says 10mm fissure is causing the delay: Federal roads engineer Mauricio Sánchez Woodword said the toll road reopening was delayed because a 10mm fissure was discovered a week before the highway was to be reopened. Other fissures also were found. Story, El Mexicano.