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Monday, July 22, 2013

Castro Trenti blames left, negative campaigning for his defeat

         Fernando Castro Trenti Failed Institutional Revolutionary Party gubernatorial candidate Fernando Castro Trenti, in an interview with Frontera newspaper, blamed the political left and negative campaigning for his defeat in the July 7 Baja California election.

          He indicated that if the left-of-center Democratic Revolution Party had not allied itself with the National Action Party, he would have won the election. He said that he represented change, but that the PRD elected to go along with the status quo.

          He also said the PAN coalition's negative campaigning had its effect in lowering turnout, which he said he thought hurt his candidacy.

          Castro Trenti said he had not been in touch with the winning candidate, former Tijuana Mayor Francisco Vega.

          Castro Trenti thanked those in the PRI who supported him, whom he said included people who work with former Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank Rhon. Asked whether Hank had sincerely supported him, Castro Trenti said that question would have to go to Hank himself. (A governor friend of Castro Trenti reportedly sent a group from Nayarit state last week to Tijuana to burn Hank in effigy for his reported support of Vega.)

          Castro Trenti, who said he will be returning to his seat in the federal Chamber of Deputies, said he regretted that his campaign proclaimed victory immediately after the polls closed. He said the proclamation was based on an exit poll, but one that turned out to be wrong.

          Meanwhile, the FOCUS company published an ad in El Mexicano saying it was just a tenth of a percent off on Vega's winning percentage. It also said it was the only pollster that had Vega winning ahead of the election. Zeta's last poll had shown essentially a dead heat, but with Vega gaining on Castro Trenti.           

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