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Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Dozens of familes removed
from Arroyo Alamar in Tijuana

Dozens of families, many living in makeshift shacks, were removed from the Arroyo Alamar in Tijuana on Thursday. State officials are lining the tributary of the Tijuana River with concrete and have major development plans for the area. Most families agreed to have their household items moved to a temporary nearby site, but six families that did not had their homes razed, El Mexicano reported. However, families who were living in the destroyed homes near Héctor Terán boulevard said they were not notified that Thursday was moving day. Daniel Carrillo López said he had moved to the area with his wife, three children and his mother 15 years ago. The paper pictured Carrillo López's mother, Zenayda López Hernández, looking disconsolate while sitting in her bed, which was on the ground next to a refrigerator. She said she had asked the state agency doing the waterway lining last month to give them one more month to leave.
El Mexicano said 90 families were removed; Frontera reported that it was 33.
Story, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump. Story, Frontera (PDF).

An El Mexicano editorial said many of those displaced were misled by vultures who had sold the families property whose title lay elsewhere. Editorial, El Mexicano (PDF).

Update, Dec. 17: El Mexicano followup story (PDF).
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