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Monday, Jan. 6, 2014

Former Tijuana public safety director named Morelos state's public safety chief

     alberto-capella with javier-siciliaAlberto Capella, who twice served as public safety director for Tijuana, has been named public safety chief for Morelos state.

Capella served as public safety director for a year under Mayor Jorge Ramos and then for the last two years of Mayor Carlos Bustamante's three-year term. In December, new Mayor Jorge Astiazar√°n named Alejandro Lares Valladares as Tijuana's new public safety director.

    Violence went down during Capella's first year under Bustamante, but it rose due to increased competition between local drug dealers during his last year.

    In Morelos, Capella no doubt will be in contact with human rights activist Javier Sicilia again. Capella attended Sicilia's book signing in Tijuana in 2011 and got into a confrontation with the crowd that Sicilia calmed down. Sicilia, a poet from Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos, led massive protest marches after his son was killed in the wave of organized-crime violence that has been sweeping Mexico.

Photo shows Capella (left) and Sicilia (right) in Tijuana.

El Mexicano story on Capella being named Morelos's public safety chief.
Update, Jan. 7: El Mexicano front-page story says Capella will focus on combating kidnapping in Morelos (PDF). Jump. El Mexicano editorial cartoon about Capella (PDF).
Update, Jan. 9: Family of four in Xoxocotla community in Puente de Ixtla municipality is slain in what was described as a humble home between agricultural fields. People in the rural area have been complaining about kidnappings, assaults and rapes. Story in Frontera (PDF).

Story on rise in Tijuana murders in 2013.
2011: Capella attends Sicilia book signing.