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Friday, Sept. 7, 2012

Teachers union leader's pay boosted from 23,000 pesos a month to more than 31,000, El Universal reports; that translates to U.S. $29,000 a year

     El Universal reported that teachers union leader Elba Esther Gordillo has gotten a pay boost. It said three months' pay for her from April through June was 94,194.48, with 75,972.68 pesos for being the union leader leader, plus 18,221.80 for being a primary school principal and teacher in Mexico state. That amounts to U.S. $29,000 a year; obviously she has had other sources of income to pay for her home in Coronado Cays, her penthouse in Mexico City, her other properties and shopping excursions.

     The paper said teachers union member listed as receiving the greatest pay for the quarter was Gordillo's daughter Maricruz Montelongo Gordillo, earning 111,110.54 pesos, or $8,550. Story, El Universal.

     Gordillo recently visited the Senate to see her daughter Mónica Arriola Gordillo sworn in. Arriola is the only senator for the New Alliance Party set up by Gordillo.

     Gordillo, who said she visited the Senate "as a mother," also visited with Alonso Lujambio, the former education minister who underwent treatment for bone marrow cancer. Lujambio appeared bald, with an eyepatch, and in a wheelchair, and was difficult to understand, but received a standing, emotional ovation from those present.

Gordillo is not retiring (El Universal)

Update, Sept. 25, 2012: Alonso Lujambio dies of cancer.