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Monday, July 9, 2012

El Mexicano newspaper, whose director is Senate candidate who lost recount by 194 votes, does not mention recount results or the name of the candidate who finished ahead of him in Monday's paper

Marco Antonio BlasquezPRI to appeal loss to electoral tribunal

El Mexicano newspaper on Monday did not mention the result of the official recount that was finished on Sunday and that gave a 194-vote victory to Progressive Movement candidate Marco Antonio Blásquez (left) for Baja California's third Senate seat. The loser in the Eligio ValenciaSenate race in which more than 1.2 million votes were cast? The newspaper's director, labor leader Eligio Valencia (right). The paper never mentioned Blásquez's name Monday and did not mention that ernesto ruffovictor hermosillohe and winning National Action Party candidates Ernesto Ruffo and Víctor Hermosillo were presented as Baja California's new senators at Federal Electoral Institute offices on Sunday. Meanwhile, Frontera put the story on Page 2 (PDF) and Page 4 (PDF).
Photos at left: Ruffo, left, and Hermosillo, right.

El Mexicano did put on its front page an article about PAN bloodletting, where Tijuana councilman Erwin Aréizaga appeared to blame Ruffo for the PAN's dramatic losses in seven of eight Chamber of Deputies' races and the party's dismal, third-place finish in state's presidential voting.

The paper also had a story that, on the jump page, mentioned that state PRI leader René Mendívil indicated that the PRI would take its Senate race loss to the electoral tribunal to argue that the intent of most of the 103,536 voters whose ballots were nullified was to vote for Valencia. The PRI only lost, and might even have won the top two Senate spots, save for that voters cast their ballots for both the PRI and Green Party candidates, nullifying their votes. The PRI and Green Party ran joint candidates for president and in Chamber of Deputy races, and ballots marking both parties in those races were valid. In all the state's deputy races, there were 30,339 nullified votes, or 2.45% of ballots.

Front-page stories, El Mexicano (PDF). Jump.
Sunday's story on the results. El Mexicano ad saying it provides timely news (PDF).
Results table.
Update, July 10: In the last paragraph of an article about a talk given by an IFE official at Mexicali's Madrugadores breakfast group, the paper mentions that Blásquez had won Baja California's third Senate seat. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).
There was slightly more information in the paper's Mexicali edition (PDF).
However, the paper ran no story Tuesday on President Felipe Calderón's remarks Monday that PRI vote-buying must be investigated and punished; it did, however, mention Calderón's remarks in Francisco Rodríguez's column (PDF).

Senate race final vote results and theoretical null vote division:
The second part of the below table is based on an assumption that most of the null votes were cast for both the PRI and Green Party. There were more than 103,000 null votes cast in the Senate election, and more than 33,000 null votes in the Chamber of Deputies election. The theoretical totals assume that of the 70,000 difference, 87% would have gone for the PRI and 13% to the Green Party, which was the division of votes between them in the Senate election. It could be that the PRI would have won a much higher percentage of such votes and that the number of null votes used for the tabulation also should be higher than 70,000. For example, if one used the null vote percent of 2.45% in the state's deputies races and made the same 87%-13% division, there might be 73,077 PRI-Green null votes. Still, that would not provide enough votes for a PRI victory over the PAN ticket assuming an 87%-13% division of voter intent. And how do you arrive at what the intent of voters was if they marked their ballot for two candidates?
It also begs the question: Did they really have an idea who they were voting for?

Baja California Senate ticket Votes after recount Votes (prelim-
inary count)
Votes gained in recount Percent after recount   Adding 87% of 70,000 null votes to PRI, 13% to Green Party New theoretical totals if PRI and Green Party
were assigned null votes
% with 70,000
Ernesto Ruffo (PAN) 390,622 373,428 17,194 31.38%   - 390,622 31.38%
Marco Antonio Blásquez
(PRD coalition)
326,530 313,145 13,385 26.23%   - 326,530 26.23%
Eligio Valencia (PRI) 326,336 312,985 13,351 26.21%   60,900 387,236 31.1%
Nullified votes 103,536 93,805 9,731 8.32%   -70,000 33,536 2.7%
Alfonso Blancafort (Green Party) 49,469 46,934 2,535 3.97%   9,100 58,569 4.7%
Amado Gil (New Alliance) 47,723 45,709 2,014 3.83%   - 47,723 3.8%
Unregistered candidates 718     .06%   - 718 .06%
Total 1,244,934   57,210       1,244,934