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"El Buho" Valle, journalist and 1968 student movement leader, dies at 65

Eduardo "El Buho" Valle, a journalist and 1968 student movement leader, died in Matamoros of lung cancer and other ailments, Mexican media reported. He was 65.

Following the government's massacre of students on Oct. 2, 1968, he was imprisoned until 1971. He briefly lived in exile in Chile before returning to Mexico.

He got an economics degree at the Autonomous National University of Mexico, taught the subject and worked in the Mexican Finance Ministry. He long wrote columns for El Universal newspaper. He served in Congress from 1985-1988 for the Mexican Workers Party, which he helped found.

In the early 1990s, he became an adviser to federal Attorney General Jorge Carpizo, who sought to have honest people provide his agency intelligence; Valle later wrote about the drug-trafficking corruption he saw from this vantage point. But he got caught up in seeing conspiracy everywhere, claiming there was a drug trafficker-politics plot behind the 1994 assassination of Institutional Revolutionary Party presidential candidate Luis Donald Colosio in Tijuana (there is no evidence to back this up). He decided to live in the United States, out of fear of retribution, until returning to Mexico in recent years.

In his later years, he became a sad and marginalized figure, rejected by officialdom and also rejected by the left because he had gone to work for the government. He also was beset by medical and economic problems.

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