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Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013

Eastbound Avenida Internacional between Playas de Tijuana and downtown reopens

Project dedicated to the memory of former development official David Navarro, who died of pancreatic cancer this summer, is expected to reduce flooding and curtail the number of pedestrians trying to cross the busy thoroughfare

       Eastbound Avenida Internacional between Playas de Tijuana and downtown, which has been undergoing construction work the last 10 months, fully reopened on Wednesday, El Mexicano reported. The work cost 74 million pesos ($5.7 million), urban development department head Esteban Yee Barba said at a ceremony presided over by Mayor Carlos Bustamante.

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     The road, which often flooded during rains, was raised, and a better drainage system was put in place. However, officials previously said drainage problems on the road, now composed of hydraulic concrete, were not expected to completely go away.

     A barrier also was built that authorities hope will stop people from crossing the throughway, which was a frequent occurrence in the past. El Mexicano said it has observed that very skinny people are able to squeeze through spaces between the tubes that compose the barrier, concluding that it has stopped 90% of the foot traffic, so drivers will still have to dodge some pedestrians.

     Avenida Internacional is the avenue along the border that drivers take to get to and from the Tijuana-Ensenada toll road.

      Yee Barba said about 30 days of work to finish up the project remain. He said the completion of the eastbound lanes frees the way for an 18-million-peso project ($1.4 million) to improve Second Street (Segunda) — an alternative route toward Playas — and a 30-million-peso ($2.3 million) drainage project for downtown.  

      The project was dedicated to former Tijuana urban development official David Navarro, who died of pancreatic cancer in July.

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