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Saturday, May 3, 2014-Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rep. Duncan Hunter works to free Marine reservist who accidentally entered Tijuana with guns April 1

Some media misreport about wound to reservist's neck, which reservist inflicted on himself with a broken lightbulb

Update, May 4: U-T San Diego, which got reporting about wound right, has jailhouse interview with Andrew Tahmooressi in Tijuana

      San Diego County Rep. Duncan Hunter is working to free a U.S. Marine who accidentally entered Tijuana with guns April 1. It is illegal to enter Mexico with guns, and Andrew Tahmooressi, who was moving from Florida to San Diego and had all his belongings in his pickup, crossed into Mexico with his vehicle at night. Work on the new port of entry apparently had caused the last U-turn back into the United States to be closed off, the Alpine Republican told the Associated Press.

      Tahmooressi, 25, has been jailed in the La Mesa prison, has been chained to a cot, and has received treatment for a cut to his neck, the news agency said. NBC San Diego News 7 quote his mother as saying he was chained to the cot following an escape attempt. He had come to the San Diego area to be treated for post-tramautic stress disorder following three tours in Afghanistan.

       While a number of stories reported that Tahmooressi's neck wound was caused by a knife, perhaps implying it was caused in a conflict at the prison, U-T San Diego reported that he had broken a light bulb, cut his neck with it, and was treated at Tijuana's general hospital for the injury. Story, U-T San Diego.
San Diego News 7 story. Story in Frontera (PDF).

Update, May 4: U-T San Diego's San Dibble has jailhouse interview with Tahmooressi, who talks of cutting himself with the broken lightbulb and of his escape attempt (his climbing antics earned him the sobriquet Spider-Man — and the latest Spider-Man movie just opened this weekend. The paper said he had three registered weapons with him: An AR-15, a .45-caliber gun, and a 12-gauge shotgun. The story said he also no longer is being chained to a cot as he no longer is considered to be an escape threat.

      Members and former members of the US military from time to time have crossed the border with weapons and have been jailed for various lengths of time. In December 2012, Hunter successfully worked to have a former Marine who crossed the border with an antique weapon in Matamoros freed.