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Friday, Nov. 2, 2012

catrina2012 campaign calaveras for Day of the Dead

enrique pena nietoEnrique Peña Nieto

The Bony One stretched our her hook
For the president who had hardly read a book.
Death told Enrique Peña Nieto
"You'd have lasted longer if you'd only read Plato."
Still, he did so well on the Televisa news
That many book readers gave him a chorus of boos.
The handsome pol did write a campaign tome,
But died when his opponents pierced his tuft with a sharp comb.

Mitt Romney

mitt romneyDeath arrived at a luxurious room in the Omni.
There the Grim Reaper told Mitt Romney,
"Between us there won't even be a first debate.
"I am here to lead you to your fate;
"It matters not if you're in the top 1 percent,
Or jobless in the 47 percent paying low rent."
The governor who told Mexicans to self-deport
Had a fatal fall in his flip-flops to join the death cohort.

Barack Obama

barack obama After the president retired back to the Windy City
Death came to tell him the nitty gritty:
"Your Obamacare has only delayed
"The inevitable end of which patients are afraid.
"You humans all have a pre-existing condition
"And, you, Obama, have finished your last mission
"The time has come, Barack Obama,
"For a medical goof to bring you the same fate as Osama."

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