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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cristina Palacios de Hodoyán, who sought justice for the disappeared after her son's disappearance, dies

     Cristian Palacios de Hodoyán, who sought justice for the disappeared after her son vanished in 1997, has died of cancer in Tijuana. She was 72; last month, she and her husband had celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary.

      Her son Alejandro, who had worked with or was friends with the Arellano Félix cartel, disappeared after he had made a decision to become a protected witness. Tuesday will mark the 16th anniversary of his disappearance.

      Her daughter Adriana Hodoyán Palacios will stay as the head of the Asociación Ciudadana Contra la Impunidad, Citizens Association Against Impunity.

      An esquela memorial tribute to her appeared in Sunday's Frontera newspaper (PDF). On Friday, Tijuana Press's Vicente Calderón wrote a story about her death.
Sunday story in Frontera (PDF).
More complete Monday story in Frontera (PDF).
Story on her memorial, Frontera (PDF).

Previous mention of Palacios in MexicoPerspective. She meets with activist Javier Sicilia.
2002 Los Angeles Times story about 1997 disappearance of Alejandro Hodoyán.
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