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Wednesday, Sept. 25-Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013

Editorial: "Juárez on Alert" following massacre of 10 at party celebrating baseball win

        Tijuana's El Mexicano newspaper, in an editorial on Wednesday, said Sunday's massacre of 10 people over the weekend in eastern Ciudad Juárez must be resolved.

       Chihuahua Gov. César Duarte said the massacre was an anomaly; the border city, once a world murder capital, has become much less violent in recent years. The killings came as members of a local baseball team, their friends and families were celebrating a tournament championship with a 19-3 win. The victory was particularly sweet because the team did not win a lot.

       Juarez's El Diario reported that in July, five baseball players were reported kidnapped. Three later resurfaced, alive, in El Paso. It was unclear what happened with the other two.

       The latest massacre was reported to have been carried out by two masked men who fired 31 shots from AK-47s at a party in the team manager's home in rural Loma Blanca. Four of those killed were minors. The killers escaped in a red pickup.

       Prosecutor Jorge González Nicolás said nine of the killed were innocent victims, without saying who might not be innocent.

        Those killed were identified as:
• Julio César Alarcón Carrillo, 36, businessman and manager of the "Cardenales" team
• Luis Alonso Frayre Alarcón, 15, nephew of Alarcón, CECyTECH student and player
• Ricardo Vega Pérez, 17, CECyTECH student and player
• Martín Mancha Armendáriz, 49, mechanic and player
• Perla Michelle Mancha Dávila, 6, Martín Mancha's daughter
• Edgar Aarón Acosta Armendáriz, 15, student and player
• María Mireya Armendáriz Meza, 33, mother of Edgar
• Miguel Antonio Mota Armendáriz, 25, cousin of Edgar
• Jesús "Chepes" Alonso De León Ramírez, 24, a neighbor
• José Esiquio Mota Ortega, 45

       Martín Mancha Dávila escaped the massacre because he left the party to buy a cake for his girlfriend,  puentelibre reported. His father and sister died. Martín Mancha Dávila's mother, Hilda Dávila, was one of two people who survived the massacre.

       Some of the victims' caskets were placed on the baseball field before being buried at the cemetery.

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