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Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013

Slim signs agreement with Khan Academy, says Mexico needs investment of U.S. $250 billion to get 4-5% growth and investment of $4 billion in telecommunications to boost its connectivity

Former finance minister Pedro Aspe to speak at El Trompo Museum in Tijuana on Jan. 25

        Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, at the signing of an agreement between his foundation and the Khan Academy, said Mexico needs $4 billion in investment in the telecommunications sector to boost its connectivity. He said Mexico only has 12 million Internet connections for 115 million people. He said some of that investment must come from the government and said satellites should be used to provide connections to areas where there is no landline or cellphone service. 

      He also said Mexico needs $250 billion in investment to get 4% to 5% growth; he said if Mexico could sustain 5% to 6% growth for 15 years, it would never regress into underdeveloped status.

      The Khan Academy provides online videos that help children learn better. Notimex story in El Mexicano (PDF).  

      Meanwhile, it was announced that former finance minister Pedro Aspe will deliver a free lecture at El Trompo Museum in Tijuana on Jan. 25.  Attendees are requested to preregister at the Tijuana Economic Development Council website.   

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