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Friday, Oct. 12, 2012

Calderón inaugurates Tijuana Innovadora, visits soon-to-open El Chaparral port of entry and leaves open possibility that current Puerta México port of entry will also stay open if necessary

He also attends renaming ceremony for Bulevar Blake Mora, previously called Las Torres

     President Felipe Calderón inaugurated the 2012 edition of Tijuana Innovadora on Thursday, saying the city is an example for the rest of the nation.

     He also visited the soon-to-open El Chaparral port of entry, for which a temporary vehicular connection is being built from Interstate 5. According to El Mexicano newspaper, he left open the possibility that the current Puerta México port of entry will also stay open if it appears that traffic will back up going to El Chaparral. Many have worried that the new connecting road will be inadequate for the task, but a General Services Administration official recently said he thought waits would only be a minute if Mexico full staffed its lanes and the United States did not perform vehicular inspections. El Chaparral is to open Nov. 1. The old pedestrian crossing was closed earlier this month so the temporary vehicular connection could be built; foot traffic was rerouted to a new eastern pedestrian crossing.

     Calderón also attended a renaming ceremony in eastern Tijuana for Bulevar Blake Mora, named for the interior minister who died in a helicopter crash in November. The 2.7-kilometer roadway previously was known as Las Torres. Attending the ceremony were Blake's widow, Gloria Cossío, his mother, residents of El Florido, Mariano Matamoros and El Pípila neighborhoods, Gov. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, and Mayor Carlos Bustamante. Blake Mora, from Tijuana, formerly was a top aide to Osuna Millán.

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