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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boulevard renamed for Tijuana's first mayor, who also was the father-in-law of Mayor Carlos Bustamante

        bulevar aubanel signBulevar de los Fundadores on Friday was given the name of Dr. Gustavo Aubanel Vallejo, Tijuana's first mayor. Aubanel was the father-in-law of Mayor Carlos Bustamante when he was married to Carolina Aubanel Riedel. Gustavo Aubanel also was the grandfather of Tijuana aubanel plaquefirst lady Carolina Bustamante Aubanel (Mayor Bustamante's daughter).

        A statue of Aubanel by Guillermo Castaño and a sign noting the name change were unveiled by the mayor and by Baja California Gov. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán.

        Aubanel was mayor from 1953-1956, and he and his gustavo aubanel statuefamily lived in the area where the statue and sign are located. He was born in 1901 and died in 1987. He worked at the Military Civil Hospital and was part of group that pushed for Baja California statehood. Baja California became a state in 1953. He served as an interim governor from 1964-1965 after Eligio Esquivel Méndez died in office.

        Some radio commentators on radio La Tremenda (AM 1090) complained about the renaming and how it involved removing trees ("the lungs of the city") from Fundadores park to make way for a statue and sign. But many others pointed to Aubanel's good works. And a man who runs a flower stand near the statue said only one tree was cut down, while a palm tree was replanted a little to the north in the park.

     There also is a school and a library named for Aubanel in the city.

Story, Frontera (PDF).

fundadores google map

Google map shows Bulevar de los Fundadores, now Bulevar Gustavo Aubanel, to the east and west of Fundadores park, which also houses the repica of the Agua Caliente casino tower.

Fundadores sign with Agua Caliente tower in backgroundmight be hard to rename this building


The Bulevar de los Fundadores street sign in front of the replica of the Agua Caliente casino tower in Fundadores park. Bulevar is also spelled Boulevard in Spanish, hence the abbreviation Blvd. on the sign. It might be hard to rename the fundadores centro building across the park as the name is carved into the edifice.

bulevar aubanel sign and soldiers The new sign renaming the boulevard just south of Fundadores park; a truck carrying Mexican soldiers is headed north, to the left of the sign



Monday's column praising the renaming by Mario Ortiz Villacorta (PDF).