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Sunday, July 15, 2012

uabc logo At least 16 Tijuana universities advertise for students on day UABC announces who was admitted to its programs

The Autonomous University of Baja California on Sunday published who would be admitted to the university, who won certain scholarships and what other scholarships were available. Meanwhile, at least 15 other universities advertised in Tijuana newspapers for students who did not get in to UABC. There are around 30 institutions of higher learning in Tijuana, which experts say makes the city attractive for foreign investment. UABC Rector Felipe Cuamea said earlier this month that more than 29,000 applied to enter the university and that more than 18,000 were accepted.

On the same page as an El Mexicano story outlining the UABC selection process Sunday, the state government ran an ad seeking municipal police officer candidates; one requirement was that those seeking police training not have anti-social tattoos. Story, ad, El Mexicano (PDF).

Universities advertising for students in Tijuana papers

Name of University, ad (all are PDF pages) University's website
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Universidad de Tijuana, CUT
CECYT Centro de Estudios Superiores
CETYS Universidad
UDCI Universidad de las Californias Internacional
Universidad Tecnológico de Tijuana, UTT
UNEA, Universidad de Estudios Avanzados (previously known as Univer)
Unifront Universidad
(site does not come up)
Universidad Humanitas
iee, Instituto de Estudios Especializados
Universidad CIES
Universidad Xochicalco
Universidad Autónoma de Durango, UAD
UNIPAC, Centro Universitario del Pacífico
CIDH Universidad, Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo Humano
cesun Universidad
Universidad Interamericana para el desarrollo

Unidep universidad del desarrollo profesional


Update, Aug. 19: Cuaumea says there will be more than 19,000 new UABC students in the coming school year. He said 29,300 applied to enter. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).