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Friday, Sept. 26, 2014

Parents upset about lack of teachers more than a month into the school year occupy schools, Baja California education offices, and roads in protest

Update, Sept. 30: Education authorities say all Tijuana schools but Secundaria No. 26 in Loma Bonita neighborhood now have teachers; parents block main entrance into Loma Bonita

       Parents upset about a lack of teachers more than a month into the school year have occupied Baja California schools, state education offices and roads in protest, Mexican media reported. Parents have wound up confronting other parents in some schools, where parents whose children do have teachers are upset that parents whose children don't have teachers are preventing all students from being taught.

       Frontera columnist Benedicto Ruiz, in a column entitled "The Education Catastrophe in Mexico," said the state education system, from grade school to the university level, is a disaster and tragedy for far too many students.

       Despite problems, some educational progress is being made. The number of full-day, as opposed to split-session, schools in the state has risen to 400. And the state education system says a nationwide school census has enabled it to detect that 44 people who were not teaching were getting paid. Jump.

       Baja California is suffering the ill effects of an increase in the federal value added tax from 11% to 16% this year, and Gov. Francisco Vega has opted for a more spartan observance for his Oct. 1 state-of-the-state report. But some wonder whether it was the right decision for him to travel to Asia recently instead of getting the school system fixed.

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Update, Sept. 30: Parents block main entry into Tijuana's Loma Bonita neighborhood because of lack of teachers for Secundaria No. 26 middle school. Education authorities said it was the last school that needed teachers. Stories, El Mexicano. Jumps.