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Sunday, July 8, 2012

In shocker, Blásquez wins Baja California's third Senate seat by 194 votes after recount; PAN won other 2 seats

PRI loses out after voters mistakenly cast ballots for it and Green Party candidate; more than 103,000 votes were nullified in Senate race

     Progressive Movement candidate Marco Antonio Blásquez won Baja California's third Senate seat after an official recount showed him with a lead of 194 votes. The marco antonio blasquezradio talk show host had been recruited by presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

valid vote for pena nietp but not for Valencia     Blásquez won because many Baja Californians who intended to cast their ballots for his opponent, Eligio Valencia of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, mistakenly voted for both Valencia and also for Green Party candidate Alfonso Blancafort, nullifying their votes. The PRI and Green Party ran joint candidates for both president and Chamber of Deputy races, and a valid vote in those races involving marking off the boxes for both the PRI and the Green Party. More than 103,000 null votes were cast; around 70,000 might have been null votes for Valencia. Valencia finished around 64,000 votes behind the front-running National Action Party ticket led by former Gov. Ernesto Ruffo.

blasquez facebook page says we won     The vote means the PRI will not be representing Baja California in the Senate for the first time since Baja California became a state.

     Valencia wound up with 26.21% of the vote to Blásquez's 26.23%. Ruffo had 31.38%. Ruffo, his PAN running mate Víctor Hermosillo and Blásquez will serve six-year terms.

  Had Valencia finished first, then his running mate Nancy Sánchez of Mexicali also would have become a senator, and Hermosillo and Blásquez would have been out.

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Ruffo (PAN) 390,622
Blásquez 326,530
Valencia (PRI) 326,336

Editor's note: This webpage for several hours Sunday had Blásquez winning by a higher margin than the final margin. This occurred because the IFE switched its final results to a separate webpage, while also keeping on its website the webpage it had been posting results on showing that with 100% of the vote counted, Blásquez had won by more than 1,000 votes.

Total votes cast: 1,244,934

Update, Aug. 4: Regional electoral tribunal awards seat to Blásquez.