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The Baja California 2012 Senate Race

March 24, 2012

Poll puts PAN, PRI in tight Senate race in Baja California

March 17, 2012

Students, professors protest dismissal of PRD Senate candidate from his UABC teaching post

Students and professors at the Autonomous University of Baja California in Mexicali protested the dismissal of daniel solorioDemocratic Revolution Party Senate candidate Daniel Solorio from his teaching post, columnist Antonio Heras said.

Solorio is No. 2 on the ticket behind bombastic radio talk show host Marco Antonio Blásquez. Heras reported that Solorio had been dismissed from his full-time teaching job for not appearing to teach his law classes. He said Solorio was blocked from parking at the university and then blocked from entering his former classroom when he walked onto the campus on foot.

Solorio recently backed a resolution by the Institutional Revolutionary Party-dominated state legislature asking the federal government to investigate former National Action Party governors Ernesto Ruffo and Eugenio Elorduy for alleged corruption. The state legislature's vote came after it was announced that the federal government was investigating three former Tamaulipas governors, all from the PRI, for corruption.
Noticias MVS reported that Solorio had taught at UABC for 37 years.
Update, March 20: Columnist Antonio Medina de Anda weighs in, blasting UABC. Column in Frontera (PDF).
Solorio is listed as part of a network of legal scholars by the University of San Diego's Justice in Mexico project. The list.
Students protest use of PAN-linked slogan on USB drives handed at at UABC in Tijuana.
Update, March 21: Protest held against dismissal at UABC Mexicali. Story, El Mexicano (PDF).
Update, April 10: Columnist Gilberto Lavenant writes about the dismissal.

March 16, 2012

PAN candidate Ernesto Ruffo appears at the University of San Diego

Feb. 20, 2012

Solorio backs call for investigation of former PAN governors

January 2012

PRI selects newspaper operator Eligio Valencia and state legislator Nancy Sánchez as its Senate candidates

January 2012

New Alliance Party considered nominating Mexico City federal Deputy Jorge Kahwagi as Baja California Senate candidate

December 2012

Former Gov. Ernesto Ruffo, former Mexicali Mayor Víctor Hermosillo to be PAN Senate candidates