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Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014

Ann Coulter's remarks about wishing Netanyahu was in charge of U.S.-Mexico border cause belated stir in Tijuana

Paper nips back at pundit with unflattering cartoon

By David Gaddis Smith,MexicoPerspective

       Conservative pundit Ann Coulter's July 31 remarks about how she wished Israeli President Ann Coulter on Hannity screenshotBenjamin Netanyahu was in charge of guarding the U.S. border caused a belated reaction in Tijuana this week. Appearing on the "Hannity" show on Fox and referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's forceful attacks on Gaza and its border tunnels, Coulter said, referring to Israel: "We are a country, we have borders, and Netanyahu enforces them. Why can't we do that in America?"

       On Monday, El Mexicano newspaper ran an El Universal news article about Coulter's appearance with the headline, "Writer proposes that U.S. bomb Mexico," with the kicker "Like Israel in Gaza."

       Then, on Tuesday, El Mexicano ran a cartoon showing Coulter — wearing a low-cut dress with the top half of her nipples exposed — saying, "The U.S. should bomb Mexico. Just like Israel and Palestine." The title of the cartoon was, "This is how great ideas begin."

        In fact, however, Coulter never said the U.S. should bomb Mexico, although this could perhaps be inferred. A key sentence in the El Universal story is one she did not utter on the show: That sentence more or less said that Netanyahu could deal with U.S. border problems the way he deals with his own. That sentence unfortunately appeared in the U.S. media before making it into El Universal. The El Universal story also unfortunately truncated the quote cited in the first paragraph above.

      The following are her remarks on the July 31 show:        
      "This is our border here. You keep saying and I agree — I wish we could have Netanyahu as our president.
     "But you know how America would react if these missiles were being shot into our country. Well, I'll tell you how America would react to what's happening in Israel right now. More than 100 tunnels have been found on our border, to smuggle in weapons, guns."
     Sean Hannity interjects, "I was inside one."
    Coulter continued, "They're invading, they're murdering, they're raping. The head of the DEA said about a year ago that he thinks the surge of homicide in Chicago is a Mexican drug cartel. We are being invaded and I just wish people would talk about our border the way at least people like you and I talk about, the way we talk about Israel's border. We need a Netanyahu here."
    After talking about Netanyahu having continued to attack Gaza in response to rocket and other attacks, she continued, referring to Israel, "We (Israel) are a country, we have borders, and Netanyahu enforces them. Why can't we do that in America?"

     While it is unclear whether she is saying the U.S. should bomb Mexico, Coulter has long advocated tougher enforcement along the border. Still, equating tunnels built by the Hamas government to attack Israel to tunnels built by drug traffickers evading Mexican authorities is an incredible stretch. Guns and weapons are being smuggled into Mexico from the United States — to the dismay of Mexicans — not the other way around. And Mexicans in general come to the United States to work and live better, productive lives, not commit crimes.

     The El Universal article article also dealt with remarks that Coulter made about Ebola. The satirical Daily Currant also made up a story stating that Coulter said migrant children should be infected with the Ebola virus so "parents would think twice before sending their kids to U.S. shores."    

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