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Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012

Man bicycles from British Columbia to Tijuana

His arrival comes 3 weeks before planned arrival of Tijuana man who is biking between New York and the Baja California border city

Andy Formanek bicycled from British Columbia to Tijuana Andy Formanek toured Tijuana on Monday after having bicycled from British Columbia to the Baja California border city.

Formanek, 34, said he had four flat tires on the trip down the West Coast.

He said that although people had recommended to him that he not visit Tijuana because of the perception that it was too dangerous, he biked over anyway and was glad he did.

He was to spend the night at a hostel in San Diego before heading back.


Formanek and his bike on the pedestrian bridge over the Tijuana River. The structure in the background is the new El Chaparral port of entry that opens Nov. 1.

Although his hometown is Courtenay, British Columbia, Formanek has been living in Prague in the Czech Republic.

He began his journey Aug. 8, taking a week off from his journey in San Francisco.

Formanek's blog about his ride.

Update, Sept. 29: A Tijuana man who is bicycling between New York and Tijuana arrives in Kansas. Story in Frontera (PDF).