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Mexico held its presidential election
on Sunday, July 1, 2012

enrique pena nietoThe winner was Enrique Peña Nieto, a former Mexico state governor from the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Sept. 10: López Obrador separates himself from PRD coalition, may form his Morena organization into a political party.
Aug. 31: Electoral tribunal ratifies Peña Nieto victory; López Obrador says he does not accept the ruling.
Aug. 15: Ricardo Monreal-López Obrador connection explained.
Aug. 14: Columnist says Peña Nieto, to move Mexico forward, must do better than Calderón and fashion compromises with other parties.
July 28: #Yosoy132 student movement blocks access to Televisa studios.
July 12: IFE says vote-buying issue is responsibility of special prosecutor for electoral crimes; prosecutor says it needs testimony from people who sold their votes to send a case to a judge
            Jay Leno on vote-buying allegations
July 11: PAN may demand re-election, other political reforms in trade for votes on energy, labor and fiscal reforms Peña Nieto wants
Public relations director who works closely with Jorge Hank Rhon reported called to Mexico City to join Peña Nieto transition team
July 10: Calderón says vote buying by PRI must be investigated.
July 7: Former IFE director José Woldenberg analyzes the election.
July 6: Vote buying is penalized by fining parties, not by annulling election, columnist says
July 5: #YoSoy132 holds protest in Tijuana.
July 4: Soriana supermarkets flooded with people using gift cards handed out by PRI.
July 3: Exit polls show López Obrador won youth vote, barely.
          Peña Nieto op-ed in New York Times.
July 2: Peña Nieto elected president.
          Mexico experiments with electronic voting.
July 1: Final thoughts on the election.
June 30: Former IFE President José Woldenberg writes fun column about intersection of election, Eurocup soccer final.
June 29: Candidates sign civility pact.
June 28: Closing rallies.
June 27: Last presidential polls give Peña Nieto wide lead.
             Mexican papers write about The Guardian's follow-up on Televisa-Peña Nieto links.
June 26: Last Mitofsky poll.
             Energy sector reform poses conundrum for next president.
June 23: Zeta poll shows López Obrador ahead in Baja California.
June 22: Vázquez Mota holds closing rally in Tijuana.
June 21: NPR report on youth vote.
June 20: PAN publishes full-page ad for Thursday's Vázquez Mota rally in Tijuana.
June 19: #YoSoy132 debate has empty chair for Peña Nieto; Vázquez Mota says she might name Nobel Prize winning chemist Mario Molina of UCSD to her Cabinet
             Reforma poll gives Peña Nieto big lead again, and huge lead in north.
June 18: El Universal poll has Peña Nieto with large lead.
June 17: Should women withhold sex from partners who do not vote?
June 13: López Obrador promises bullet train for Baja California.
June 12: Telemundo's Enfoque provides keen insight into election.
             Election-related killings.
June 11: Vázquez Mota comes out swinging in second debate.
June 10: Two Baja California polls show López Obrador tied or ahead.
June 7: IFE says no chance of fraud in election despite what López Obrador says; Vázquez Mota team, López Obrador cite conflicting polls
June 4: Will solicitation of $6 million stop López Obrador's upward movement?
June 3: Peña Nieto in Tijuana: He makes 15 promises, including 5 for Baja California, and appears to have stolen López Obrador's ideas
Vicente Fox says Mexicans should support next president, even if he is from PRI
June 1: Colosio assassination movie could affect election
amloMay 29: Why is López Obrador rising in the polls?
May 23: Former PAN leader Manuel Espino backs Peña Nieto.
Man 22: Would Peña Nieto victory return Mexico to PRI authoritarianism?
May 20: Protests held against Peña Nieto.
May 18: Peña Nieto seeks to eliminate Senate at-large seats.
May 15: Columnist says López Obrador may be trying to set stage to blame Televisa for election outcome
May 14: López Obrador passes Vázquez Mota in El Universal poll.
Peña Nieto meets with Catón.
Peña Nieto booed at Universidad Iberoamericana.
May 10: Post-debate poll.
May 6: Presidential debate. Reaction.
May 1: López Obrador in Tijuana.
April 25: Reforma poll has Peña Nieto, Vázquez Mota falling in polls and López Obrador rising
April 24: Peña Nieto lead widens to 25% or more; Vázquez Mota falls and could be passed by López Obrador
Candidates' spending on flights matches their positions in polls
Format for May 6, June 10 debates set
Peña Nieto rises in Parametría poll
Week one of campaign shows organizational strength of PRI and how far PAN, PRD have to go
Explora polls gives Peña Nieto 8-point lead in Baja California
PANistas burn Peñata
López Obrador's would-be Cabinet assumes "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" pose

Peña Nieto's ex-lover posts photo of them, son on Twitter

Vázquez Mota expresses concern about border waits
Vázquez Mota campaigns in Ensenada
First debate to be May 6
Vázquez Mota suffers form of dizziness
Election campaign begins

AMLO, Fox shake hands at papal mass; all presidential candidates attend
Baja California poll puts Peña Nieto far ahead
Vázquez Mota cancels Ensenada campaign kickoff
March Mitofsky poll gives Peña Nieto wide lead
IFE does not sanction Calderón for poll remark
AMLO registers before IFE
Vázquez Mota registers before IFE
Peña Nieto, Quadri register before IFE
The week in Mexico: Campaign silence period is noisy
Peña Nieto gives nomination acceptance speech
Vázque Mota gives nomination acceptance speech

Milenio poll puts Vázquez Mota within 7 points; Parametría gives Peña Nieto 17-point lead
Peña Nieto has most Twitter followers
Calderón says poll has PAN just 4 points behindFebruary El Universal poll
Campaign period of silence begins; Campaign period of silence nears
Peña Nieto visits Mexicali; he shoots TV ad in Tijuana
Peña Nieto admits to having children out of wedlock
Sergio Sarmiento to vote for least bad candidate
"Casas Peña Nieto" open in Tijuana
PRI breaks alliance with Gordillo's PANAL
Denisse Dresser says Gordillo has gone from queen to beggar
Leo Zuckermann on the break; Catón riffs on the break

Leo Zuckermann on how Vázquez Mota might cut into Peña Nieto's lead
Jan. 11: Peña Nieto retains huge lead despite December missteps
Proceso's special section on Peña Nieto
Peña Nieto opposes IFE ruling on advertising (Dec. 28)
Denise Dresser's proposed gifts for the candidates (Dec. 26)
Leo Zuckermann looks at Peña's stands on the issues
Peña Nieto reveals more on issues
Peña Nieto can't name three books that influenced him.
July poll says PRI is ahead in all states but Baja California
October poll says PRI ahead in Baja California, too (PDF)
PRI capturing youth vote
PRI cannot lose 2012 election, Loret de Mola says
Beatriz Paredes says PRI has learned lessons

josefina vazquez motaFormer Education Minister Josefina Vázquez Mota on Feb. 5 won the nomination of President Felipe Calderón's National Action Party, defeating former Interior Minister Santiago Creel and Ernesto Cordero.

Vázquez Mota thanks Tijuana for helping her win nomination
Vázquez Mota wins PAN nomination.
Santiago Creel tours Baja California, says Sonora governor assures him there will be level playing field in that state
Ernesto Cordero tours Baja California with Calderón's sister (Jan. 19)
Vázquez Mota, in Tijuana, expresses confidence that she will win Feb. 5 (Jan. 13)
Catón writes funny poem about Cordero
PAN candidates to debate; proposed Jan. 15 informal poll of PANista presidential preferences rejected; Feb. 5 is PAN election
Reforma puts Vázquez Mota at 40%, Creel at 25% and Cordero at 14%.
Calderón says he is not backing Cordero (Dec. 7).
Cordero remains stuck in third place
(Nov. 10)
Proceso special section on Vázquez Mota and Cordero
Vázquez Mota asks PAN to open candidate selection process
Luis Rubio says Vázquez Mota is only PAN candidate with a chance to win
Tijuana boxer Jackie Nava backs Vázquez Mota
Cordero leaves Cabinet to run for president
Creel casino connection; Lujambio drops out of race
The PAN presidential race from a Baja California perspective

PRD candidate to be López Obrador

amloRunning again as a populist candidate is former Mexico City Mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who narrowly lost to Calderón in a dispute election in 2006. López Obrador still claims to be the legitimately elected president. He contested the Democratic Revolution Party nomination with marcelo ebrardMexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, who conceded on Nov. 15. Polls had shown López Obrador to be the favorite by far among PRD members, although when the general public was added in, some polls showed them about even.

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas gives his blessing to López Obrador, six years late
López Obrador is the 200 billion peso man

López Obrador, in Tijuana, says return of PRI would be as disastrous for Mexico as return of Santa Anna

March 1: López Obrador and baseball
Jan. 11: López Obrador visits San Quintín
Feb. 2: Columnist says López Obrador proposal to build five gasoline refineries won't work.
March: Columnist writes about López Obrador income