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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Columnist writes that PRD candidate does not meet residency requirements to run for governor of Mexico state

Eduardo Ruiz-Healy writes that Alejandro Encinas, 57, (right) does not meet the residency alejandro-encinasrequirements to be the Democratic Revolution Party's candidate for governor of Mexico state, but that the state electoral institute approved his candidacy for the July 3 election anyway. Ruiz-Healy said Andrés Manuel López Obrador also had not met the residency requirements to run for mayor of Mexico City in 2000, but that his candidacy for the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) also was approved anyway.
López Obrador won in 2000, and when he resigned to run for president in 2005, Encinas served the rest of López Obrador's term.

andres-maneul-lopez-obradorLópez Obrador, 58, (left) barely lost the 2006 election, and wants to run again in 2012. Disputes with the leadership of the PRD caused him to resign from the party, but he is still controlling much of what the party does behind the scenes, and probably needs to run on that party's banner to have a chance of winning the presidency.

marcelo-ebrardMarcelo Ebrard, 51, (right) of the Democratic Revolution Party won the Mexico City mayor's race in 2006 and at one point appeared the front-runner for the party's nomination for the 2012 presidential election, especially after López Obrador left the party. But Ebrard supported the idea of a Democratic Revolution Party-National Action Party joint candidate for governor of neighboring Mexico state. When López Obrador helped derail the coalition idea and helped get Encinas the gubernatorial nomination, Ebrard cuauhtemoc cardenasappeared to be left holding the bag. Still, on Monday, López Obrador, Ebrard and PRD co-founder Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, (left) who has been on the outs with López Obrador, appeared together to back Encinas' candidacy in Ecatepec. Proceso's story said López Obrador and Cárdenas had not met since 2005. Cárdenas, a three-time presidential candidate, was mayor of Mexico City from 1997-1999.

In January, López Obrador formed a new movement, Movimiento por la Regeneración Nacional, or Morena, Movement for National Regeneration. Morena also means dark-complexioned woman and can refer to the Virgin of Guadalupe. One of the singer Thalía's most famous songs was "Piel Morena", a love paean about a man with dark-complexioned skin.

enrique peña nietoMexico state has been governed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) for 82 years. Its current governor is Enrique Peña Nieto, (right) the front-runner to win the PRI presidential nomination and to win the presidency. The PRI's gubernatorial candidate, Eruviel Ávila Villegas, kicked off his campaign Monday in Toluca.

The PAN candidate, Luis Felipe Bravo Mena of Naucalpan, is given little chance to win. He formerly was the PAN's president. Most analysts thought the only chance the opposition had to defeat the PRI was to present a coalition candidate.

A far-seeing column by Jorge Zepeda Patterson about López Obrador and Morena from Feb. 21

UPDATE, May 20: Jenaro Villamil writes about the photo-ops of the newly kicked-off campaigns. He says Bravo Mena's photo op was the saddest, because the only nationally prominent PAN member accompanying him was former interior minister and presidential hopeful Santiago Creel. PAN President Gustavo Madero was not there.